Aircraft Paint Remover Aluminum

Oct 11th

Aircraft paint remover – There are a few different ways to remove paint from the material, but some methods are much harder for the material under the paint than others are. While chemical stripping tend to be easier to do than other methods, there is more risk to the original material. Lay cardboard with a few layers of newspaper underneath and around the area where you want to use paint remover.


Put on chemical-resistant gloves. Aim the spray can of aircraft paint remover on the surface you want to remove paint from, and slowly spray from side to side. Let remover set until the paint is gone. How long to leave depends on the remover of the paint, and how much of it is. Light coat of paint may come out in a few hours, while the heavy paint can take overnight.

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When the paint is loosened (if not removed) after use aircraft paint remover, use a paint scraper to scrape away loose paint. Use a steel wool pad to move any places where the paint can still be attached or which are difficult to scrape with the scraper. Wash material and area with a garden hose. Be sure to wash an area where the paint / varnish remover may be, including any available tools.

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