Amazing Chameleon Paint

Blue Violet Chameleon Paint

Blue Violet Chameleon Paint

Chameleon paint – produces a painting in which changes color when the object viewed from different angles visual affect, hence the name chameleon. It began to hear about the kind paint chameleon, also called paint chameleon, in the United States and a few years ago. They were very striking for its beautiful colors, high durability and this joined to become fashionable.

This painting is commonly used in automobiles and motorcycles by the amazing impact it provides. Although you may think that this effect is complicated, the truth is that chameleon paint application is as simple as applying a traditional painting. So much there is so much demand for painted with chameleon cars; many of the major automotive brands have launched a chameleon model.

To apply chameleon paint in a vehicle is first important to properly prepare the surface, cleaning it of any oily residue that prevented their full adherence. In the next step will be to apply the base coat of paint chameleon preferably performed in black color. Once the base coat is ready, it proceeds to apply the middle layer of paint which must be of another color choice; this second layer also be dried and thereafter the topcoat is of another color is applied.

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