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Color changing car paint – Change the color of our car is fast becoming an increasingly frequent action. We can say that is a variant, or activity that starts from the tunning, if only focus on the color of our car. Matt or with reflections colors are those that are increasingly fashionable and that most attention on our roads. But what to do if we want to change the color of our car?

Today there are many types of paints and different qualities. Color changing car paint of our vehicle in a workshop can be from 600 Euros , which does not ensure you optimal results. Many times our vehicle has scratches and imperfections that should be coated with putty for optimal results. Also different types of paint that exist today to change the color of the car can also cheapen or increase the price of the process.

Color changing car paint with the best result can range between 1,400 and 2,000 Euros. It also depends on the qualities and painting chosen to make this change. The best workshops in our country believe that to achieve the best result should dismantle all external parts of the body to leave no trace of the old color.

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