Angelus Leather Paint for Favorite Accessories

Oct 7th

Angelus Leather Paint – For you fans of accessories or clothing made of leather, such as leather jackets, leather shoes, do not worry when the objects your pet made of color fades because it has long been used to look old or maybe stained and cannot be removed, angelus leather paint is the right choice to solve your problem. Most people will buy more accessories whose colors have faded, whereas if it valuable they can update with this paint.


The way it works is to clean your leather jacket or shoes with a slightly damp cloth to clean the dirt and dust and allow drying for a moment. Suspension or place objects to be painted in the best position so that all angles can be affordable. Such as a jacket, you can hang with hangar and ensure that each part of the jacket you can afford. Provide angelus leather paint with colors according to your accessories.

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The next layer of paint applied by spraying with light from the top down or the direction. Do it repeatedly in this way. Given the lag time between 15 minutes and matches each stage of spraying. That is that each layer to dry and proceed with the next spray. Done carefully and in stages to produce the best color of angelus leather paint.

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