Are You Familiar with Gouache Paint?

Gouache Paint and Drawing

Gouache Paint and Drawing

Gouache paint – The Gouache is an opaque watercolor, color application should not be thick impasto or as it could get cracking, unlike watercolor, this painting is not transparent and is hiding full power. Commonly it used to paint with strong contrasts and a first intension. The type of paper on which is painted must be smooth and texture (cardboard type) and weighing more than 200 gr. You can become a part of a different color from white to create other effects of color and dimension.

Gouache paint pigments with a mortar or with a large spatula on a glass plate are ground; mixing the rubber vehicle for watercolor until a creamy liquid consistency, adding distilled water if necessary. Is added the inert medium and mixed well dispersing pigments. If the pigment is water repellent is added a few drops of alcohol in order to mix.

The gouache paint are prepared on the same basis used for watercolor but greater amount of inert medium such as chalk or white zinc is used to enhance colors and thus the opaque effect characteristic of this medium is created. A good painting gouache should be applicable with the brush on smooth and clean layers, and this is a good test of quality, but then is to be used with a variety of techniques, brushstrokes of uneven thickness, etc.

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