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Paint pens – The most surprising thing to me is that it, when you do your work, not copy, as is usual in this line of artistic expression, in any photograph or drawing, but his mind is taking the images of that incredible art. Calligraphy, ancient art of creating letters, can be done with several different pens, including fiber tip pens, fountain pens and dip pens. While there are many types and styles of pens, assembly of these it is basically the same. Read on to learn how to assemble calligraphy pens.

Buy paint pens size (the part of the pen writing) required for your project and a jib (part of the handle of the pen). Although most pens contain a support dipping the nib of standard size, it is best to buy a pen manufacturer dipping pens. This ensures that the pen will fit properly and stay in place without wiggle or move during the writing process.

Paint pens select the pen you want to use and align the curved edge of the nib (opposite the writing tip end) with the support of this (as arch crest) at the large end of the dip pen. Hold the sides of the pen and push it gently into the dip pen until you can not go further. Do not grab the writing tip directly as they run the risk of bending and moving the metal structure of the delicate tip.

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