Awesome Dragon Wall Paintings

Modern Wall Paintings

Modern Wall Paintings

Wall paintings – First, paint the wall you have chosen for your mural free background color. Allow to dry at least 24 hours. Rent or borrow an overhead projector. Second, place a picture of the projector of your chosen dragon scene. Images can be found on the Internet, in children’s books and coloring books. Project the image on the wall and adjust the projector to the desired size. Third, trace the image is projected on the wall with a pencil. Include the important details, but do not get too complicated.

When the image is fully traced on the wall, turn off the projector and turn on the lights. Last, use acrylic paint and artist brushes, simply complete the painting you now have drawn on your wall with paint colors of your choice. Seal the painting with clear polyurethane so that it can be easily cleaned without damage. Add simple accents to your wall paintings to add to the imagination.

To avoid stains on the wall paintings, these tips for painting walls must be observed before starting the paint job and in this way you will avoid the occurrence of unwanted problems. It is very important to define basic technique which ink to be applied. It is also very valuable to observe the inner or outer wall of the situation and if necessary use plaster, mortar or other material to correct a part of the wall, wait for the time needed to cure these materials so that the next stages of work are not disadvantaged by wrong decisions.

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