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Glow in the dark face paint – You can use all light sources to ‘charge’ as long as we remember that the stronger the light source is, the stronger the paint glow in the dark and the longer you ‘charge’ the longer it will glow in the dark. This glow in the dark paint is unique from glow paint is the only one of its kind on the market.

It uses glow in the dark face paint by applying it on the face and or body in the desired range. If you want a more intense glow, you can apply another layer. When the paint has dried, shining one with a UV lamp, flashlight, headlamp or any light source on the paint for a few minutes then you are ready to go into the dark and bright as never before.

Perfect for a festival, clubbing, rave party, dance performance, children’s parties, Halloween decorations, and concerts – both artist and audience. You can also make fun with the kids and make a ” living tattoo ”. Characters such as a heart on the arm light for a minute and when in the then circus, in bed or just a trip into the playhouse so it lights up and becomes ‘live’. Glow in the dark face paint is easy to apply and dries relatively quickly.

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