Black Spray Paint Using a Spray Bottle

Oct 9th

Black spray paint – By using the layering process with a spray bottle you can easily create a faux stone painting effects were outstanding. There is little that is more than just spraying paint onto whatever you painting – to get realistic black spray paint there are a few key steps to keep in mind: Water down your paint, choose a color free, give it time to dry between layers, always complete with black.


If you follow these four steps you are sure to create a realistic look at the color of granite. Once you have mastered this art of rock painting black spray paint you’ll be amazed at how realistic you can make a two-dimensional surface such as a wall or concrete floor – just think of the results of the 3-D like making artificial stone with concrete. Type of sprayer that you use will depend on your budget, but for most people who try their hand at painting faux granite.

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Is likely to use a hand held spray bottle as common as usually used for water, there are available everywhere and are relatively inexpensive. The down side of this spraying pressurized model than the more expensive is their tendency to clog or spray in patches less desirable as opposed to a fine mist that is preferred. That article about black spray paint.

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