How To Convert A Tripod In A Painting Easel

Aug 11th

How To Convert A Tripod In A Painting Easel – A painter easel is a wooden structure that has three legs to support themselves and a place where a cloth or other material can be placed, allowing the artist to work. It’s the same look as a photo frame. Many artists take pictures of scenes that the painting later.

Wonderful Painting Easel
Wonderful Painting Easel

With a few simple adjustments, you can convert your photo frame to a painting easel and still retain functionality tripod. Extend the stand to its normal position. Unfold and extend all three legs and place your trip so that two of the legs facing you, and also with each other. If your stand is equipped with pan head, adjust the pan handle so that it points toward the ground at the same angle as the two front legs. Panning handle will act as a vertical support for your canvas.

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Place small stool or chair that you will use when you are painting. Keep the size of the screen as you work with traditional and place it against the stand so you can see where the top rests against the pan handler. Use a marker and draw a line on the front legs there at the bottom of the screen is in this position. These lines appear which you should install holders. Attach a small “L” shaped mounting bracket on the front of the tripod legs. If you plan to collapse the tripod, attach the “L” bracket to the outside of the frame. You can easily use tape or an epoxy adhesive for metal. If you plan to collapse the tripod, use self-tapping screws to attach the “L” brackets. Position canvas “L” brackets and your converted frame are ready to be used. If you need to adjust the angle of the stand, you can shorten the rear leg to adjust the angle.

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