Cool Tempera Paint Ingredients

Aug 6th

Tempera paint – Tempera paint is a non-toxic, earth friendly paints many artists use as a medium. Tempera blends natural pigment powder with oil, water and egg yolk to create a flexible paint. You can use tempera as a watercolor; it gives the effect of an oil paint without harmful ingredients. Since tempera not contain raw eggs; do not let children use it without supervision.

Wonderful Tempera Paint
Wonderful Tempera Paint

Egg. The main ingredient in tempera paint is the yolk. Egg yolk binds the color pigment to create rich and shiny colors. The best yolk using comes from fresh eggs. Since grocery store eggs are often not fresh, you should consider going to a local co-op or farm to buy eggs. Grocery store eggs are fine to use if there is nothing else available. Allow the egg to reach room temperature before separating the yolk. Crack the egg and drop plum by making a small puncture in the clear bag encasing it. Use leftover egg whites for a healthy omelet.

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Pigment. Powdered pigment gives your tempera paint deep shades you want. Although the pigment comes in powder form, you can achieve better color results if you treat pigment bit more. Use a small colander or sieve to sift out larger lumps of pigment. Once you have sifted the pigment, put it in a mortar and using a pestle to grind it down even more. Smaller particles in the powder will adhere to the egg better and result in stronger and more uniform color.

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