Copper Spray Paint For Interior Painting



Copper Spray Paint For Interior Painting – High gloss copper spray paint cans ideal for painting of interior design, joinery and furniture indoors. Copper paint designed for painting of wood, metal and plastic also suitable for decorations on the walls and furniture on your home. Copper color is very easy to apply and gives a perfect finish without runs or brush marks.

Copper spray paint used mainly for interior decoration painting walls, woodwork, furnishings, furniture, etc. With copper color on the spray can you avoid brush marks or unsightly sagging that often occurs with conventional copper paint brush deleted. The ink has a very good covering power and gives a spray painted finish. The paint adheres to wood, metal, concrete, and most types of plastics. Single component acrylic based spray paint with good adhesion and durability on most types of materials. The paint produces a high gloss finish. Spray colors from Prosol cover 3-4m2 / spray (400ml). At normal temperature (20 ° C), spray paint dust in 10min, 45min in handling dry and fully cured after 2-4 hours. Spray paint should be painted in about 20-35my thick layers.

Copper spray paint is designed for indoor use. The painting of objects outside the color should be painted with clear varnish for extra good resistance to wear, wind and water. Copper Color used for decoration work, hobby, painting stencils, as well as to spray paint the woodwork, furnishings, furniture etc. copper color has a good adhesion to wood, metal and most types of plastics. When painting on plastic, we recommend that you use plastprimer. Before finishing the surface should be dry and free from dust, oil, grease, rust, loose paint, silicone and other dirt. Protect the environment and the elements of the item you do not want to paint with masking tape and plastic sheeting. Prior to painting any cracks and imperfections to be filled and sanded, prime if required with primer. Apply copper color 20-30cm from the object, paint in an even pace in a straight line, from one side to the other.

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