Eggshell Paint without Roller Marks

Aug 9th

Eggshell paint – Eggshell paint has a smooth, high gloss finish, similar to the idea of a real egg. With durability and light-reflective qualities, you can use eggshell paint on walls or trim, but it is also useful to renovate the old wooden furniture.

Semi Gloss Eggshell Paint
Semi Gloss Eggshell Paint

Don just buy the first paint, you come across, because the finish is different from brand to brand. Just as gloss paint, eggshell paint also comes with an oil, acrylic or latex base. Acrylic paint dries quickly, so may appeal to home decorators, but no painting experience, you risk ending up with an uneven surface and roller marks. Try a few formulas and become familiar with the feel of the paint by starting with tester pots and see how the finish dries.

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Don’ t immerse your roller in the paint and go directly to the wall. Remove lint from a new roll of masking tape, and then rinse it through and squeeze it out. Before your first section, work a little paint on the roller, then roll it out on a piece of cardboard or wood. Paint quickly and evenly apply pressure. Do not press the roll in to the wall in an attempt to get all the paint off because this causes ridges and stripes. Once you painted an area with a full load, pull the roll back along the painted section. If you painted vertical withdraw it horizontally. This creates a perfectly smooth application with no marks. You can then reload your reel and go to the next patch. Continue until you have painted the entire area in the same way. Never take a break part way through to eggshell paint a wall or surface because the paint starts to dry at different times and you’ll inevitably roller marks.

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