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Intumescent paint – is a system of passive fire protection, one of the alternatives available for stability before the fire in metal structures. Since pintatucasa.es want to make clear that this type of painting does not help extinguish the fire in a fire, but prevents further damage from occurring. At the end of the article you can see a video demonstration on the intumescent paint or fire retardant.

The intumescent paint has the ability to expand because of chemical reactions that occur with increasing temperature becoming a foamy insulating material with very low levels of thermal conductivity, a thousand times less than steel. When the heat increases, the paint thickness increases about fifty times with respect to its initial volume becoming thick insulating cushion that protects the metal structure of the action of fire.

Intumescent paint is used indoors, but can be applied outdoors as long as you apply specific low melting enamel. The base paint color can be white or matt taking twenty-four hours to dry. You can optionally apply a layer of fireproof satin enamel finish, excellent in marine, industrial or outdoor environments. This paint is applied by airless spray with air motor and displacement pump. You cannot exceed 510 bar pressure.

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