How to Get Perfect Clown Face Paint



Clown face paint – Clowns are offered in cultures worldwide. Define the behavior slapstick humor and comic with his silly antics. Their happy faces are their brand and designs can be simple or complex. Children enjoy their painted faces festivals and fairs. Some of the designs used by professional clowns can be processed on the faces of children, turning them into a clown for the day.

A friendly clown face paint eyes are expressive, often exhibiting an exaggerated look of surprise. With his brush, paint a high arch on each connects the ends of the eyebrows kid eye. Filled the bow with white, red, blue or yellow. Some children may enjoy having their eyes in different colors. You can trace the arc with a thick black line. For young children who do not want to sit enough to do this painting, a simple thick arched line above each eyebrow.

Traditional clown face paint has a red ball nose. For children, painting a bright red circle on the tip of the nose. You could paint a bright blue or yellow triangle instead. Both forms can be divided into white or black. Painting a bright red circle on each cheek for a traditional clown face. You could also paint red or blue triangles or stars on each cheek and outline in black or white. For the face of a sad clown, painted with white paint a tear in one eye on the side of the nose.

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