History of Watercolor Paint

Amazing Watercolor Paint

Amazing Watercolor Paint

Watercolor paint – Water color painting is painted with the color dissolved in water. It can be painted on paper, parchment, papyrus, leather and other perishable materials. Watercolor painting birth in Europe attributed to the German Renaissance painter Albrecht Durer, who painted animals and plants in watercolor.

Red watercolor paint is obtained as all paints by mixing the pigments (natural or synthetic) with a binding agent. The binding agent is in most cases Gum Arabic, water, glycerin, and sugar syrup / honey. Gum Arabic is a water-soluble glue that binds the color to the paper, while the glycerin and sugar makes the color soft to work with and more easily soluble in water. Pigments from soil, coal and various metal compounds. Or prepared synthetically.

The quality of watercolor paint depends among others on grain size of the pigment, natural or synthetic, the color mixture and the binder. Quality watercolor paints are characterized by a good light fastness, which retains the colors. As the water quickly evaporates from the paint drying time for a watercolor far shorter than other types of paint. (An oil painting can be up to a year to dry completely). Watercolor Painting can be mixed with different paint products, the other to extend the drying time, partly to achieve different effects.

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