Indian Face Paint Ideas

Best Indian Face Paint

Best Indian Face Paint

Indian Face Paint Ideas – Take some face painting and a friendly face and have fun exploring the different cultures of painting traditional designs. Native Americans, Aborigines and tribes in Africa, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have painted their faces and bodies to mark rites of passage, prepare for battle or wear other ceremonial events. Get some ideas on how you can decorate your face with traditional patterns of Indians from around the world. Follow the color choices used by Indian tribes or make your own to give your design certain look.

Brainstorm ideas for a face painting design by exploring the colors and patterns used by the indigenous people in the world. Kiowa tribe of Indian face paint and their entire bodies also horses in one color when you are preparing for battle. Seminole Tribe painted a white stripe around his turban as a sign of peace. The Aborigines of Australia use the stripes and circles in white to create symbols of their religion. Explore other tribal face paint patterns to get an idea of what you want to paint.

Practice Indian face paint. Using a traditional design or create your own. Use smaller brushes for detailed designs and corners around the eyes and mouth. Play with different thicknesses to see how they look on the skin. Use a damp paper towel to wipe away mistakes. Traditionally, Indians did face painting of berries, roots, dirt and plants. Today’s face paint brand offers a wide selection of colors that can be used safely on the skin. Copy Assiniboine Indians and rim eyes in white while painting the rest of the face red or black. The people of Ethiopia used red ocher and yellow clay to create cheetah masks on their faces.

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