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Diy Enamel Paint Jar

Diy Enamel Paint Jar

Enamel paint – is oil-based gloss paint that is used in both residential -and commercial properties. This type of paint is washable, durable and dries to a hard, smooth finish. Paint enamel can be applied with a brush or a commercial machine, and can be found in major home improvement stores, along with acrylic paint enamel used in many automotive applications

There are several different types of enamel paint, typically categorized by the gloss of the paint. Semi-gloss, high gloss and eggshell-gloss is the most common paint enamel for indoor use. Semi-gloss and eggshell enamel is better suited for use on high gloss paint than the walls, since gloss is lower and gives fewer glares. High gloss enamel paint is often used for furniture and wall interior trim, as well as cabinets and flooring. Lacquer coatings are more durable, but tend to show abrasions or inconsistencies easier.

Enamel paint, however, typically is considered to be oil-based, also contain various components. It may be available in the alkyd base, water, or latex base. The alkyd-based version of paint enamel may have a stronger smell and can take longer to dry. If paint is spilled or dirty the painting, it usually requires thinner or mineral spirits for cleanup.

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