Let’s Examine Wonderful Oil Paints Technique



Oil paints – Something that excites me a lot when I talk about oil painting is to remember the great possibilities and advantages it has over many other types of paintings. The oil spreads smoothly on the surface making the paint a truly relaxing moment because we have in mind the anguish that would be generated if the paint dries quickly. It is as if time stopped while our hand dances rhythmically with the brush.

The great masters of painting as practiced and perfected, giving his works a great color enhancement that otherwise cannot be obtained. They used to get beautiful skin tones and incredible realism to fabrics and other surfaces. Keep in mind that although it is said that applying the experts, we are in a process of learning and discovery of oil paints we can use and experiment, to learn firsthand the innermost secrets of this technique majestic painting oil painting.

A variant of the glazing is to extend a color whose consistency is medium or light onto the desired surface and then removing it with a brush or clean, dry and rough cloth. So oil paints is in the grooves or deeper parts of the surface on which it is painted, helping to correct some colors and give a sense of alienation and darkness in the rubbed section.

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