How to Make a Paint Shaker

New Paint Shaker

New Paint Shaker

Paint shaker – Hobby and projects that require painting generally includes preparing the paint for application by stirring, mixing or shaking the pigmented liquid. A minute of shaking a bottle of color can feel like an eternity when the wrist is cramping up. Why not turn an abandoned kitchen appliance to a practical paint shaker with a few simple changes? You will save money and muscle cramps with this creative homemade tool.

Obtain a working electric knife. These can often be found at garage sales and thrift stores for less than a few dollars for paint shaker. Trim the leaves of about 4 inches with a hacksaw. Blunt the sharp edges of the shortened blade with a file. Attach a large empty pill bottle to the end of the shorted by several inches of duct tape.

Insert the blade contraption in the handle of the electric knife. Place two BBs into the paint shaker and container that you want to mix. Place the paint container inside the pill bottle and attach the lid. You can add a bit of cotton to cushion the paint container. Plug in the electric knife and turn it to shake and mix your color.

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