Mixing Greige Paint

Best Greige Paint Colors

Best Greige Paint Colors

Greige paint-You have allowed the sample of greige paint to dry on your wall and, after a few days of treatment, it’s official: The color is too dark. Save yourself the hassle of finding a new swatch in a lighter color, simply add white color to the gray. But when special mix your own color, keep a few things in mind to ensure that you will be satisfied with the end result. Consider shade of the original color. When the lighter pastel shade of gray, adding a small amount of white will have a large impact.

Add a little white in your greige paint, mix and test the results, continues in this manner until you find the perfect combination. With darker shades, you may notice that it takes a lot more white paint to noticeably lighter color. Adding white color will reduce the brightness of your gray, cool color and its vibrancy. This will be most noticeable when the lighter warm shades of greige paint, such as taupe. In addition to finding the perfect balance of color, it is important to make sure your gray and white color is the same, or similar, sheens. For example, the combination of a semi-gloss paint with a smooth lead to an “in-between” shine. However, you can mix a flat color with a semi-gloss lead to streaks and other problems when you use the result to your wall.

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