Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Ace Hardware

As we explored the idea of painting the furniture, we stumbled on Annie Sloan chalk paint and never looked back! What a delight to find and ventured into the world of the painted furniture. What makes it so wonderful to work with is that contrary to other paint, you can paint directly onto furniture without […]

Dry Paint Brush Method

Paint brush – if you’re going to paint a room but you want to create a modern environment with paint original walls, you can make a decorative patina, paint a mural or implement some of these ideas we will see below. With them you will achieve a modern and will make a decoration on the […]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Brand

Annie sloan chalk paint colors – color chart is very wide (there are dozens of them to suit all tastes and applications), and as stated above can be mixed together and transform into other colors with small tubes of acrylic paint. Gray tones are trend blue, purple, pink, turquoise old and pale green, but there […]

Painting Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

Painting kitchen cabinets – Change the look of your kitchen does not necessarily need to major changes such as replacing old kitchen cabinets, accessories and appliances with new ones. By doing little things like repainting your old kitchen cabinets, you can enjoy a great change in your kitchen. Painting kitchen cabinets without the hassles, here […]

Spray Paint Art Techniques

For all your DIY home renovators’ pain using a paint roller and brush, spray paint can be a panacea for all your problems. Instead of using labor-intensive technique that puts enormous pressure on your back and still not provide a perfect finish, you can resort to paint sprayers that provide a nice, even coat of […]

Chalkboard Paint at Home

Chalkboard paint – When we speak of a blackboard, I come to my mind two ideas and images. The first is the school board, where we drew ever wrote or something when the teacher did not see us. The other image that comes to mind is that of a child with a small blackboard in […]

Blue Glow in The Dark Paint

Glow in the dark paint – this paint has tons of fun using! Most people think that the more common uses, such as making a mask or using it in a nightclub. The opportunities to play with this type of paint are endless and great for a variety of occasions. Consider some unique, creative ideas […]

Chalk Paint Ace Hardware

Chalk paint – Have you ever leaned against the wall and find parts of your body exposed to second-hand wall paint color it? The problem is often cited as a problem chalky paint. When painting is not too high, it can be considered normal. Moreover, if chalk paint still includes new applied however, when these […]


Intumescent paint – is a system of passive fire protection, one of the alternatives available for stability before the fire in metal structures. Since want to make clear that this type of painting does not help extinguish the fire in a fire, but prevents further damage from occurring. At the end of the article […]

Washable Paint for Cars

Washable paint-The higher the gloss of the paint, the more washable an end. Consequently, flat topcoat easier to mess up with fresh paint than it is to clean. Satin finishes are designed to be washable, which means they hold up to the light, gentle cleansing with soap, water and a soft cloth. Semi-gloss finishes are […]