Tamiya Paint – The recent introduction of synthetic lacquer Tamiya gives hobbyists a new and very important tool for creating high-quality gloss paint on their models. Being lacquer, it has a number of qualities that are desirable for high-gloss paint. Hard, good polishing and dries very quickly. However, it differs from normal enamel, and requires […]


Oil paints – Something that excites me a lot when I talk about oil painting is to remember the great possibilities and advantages it has over many other types of paintings. The oil spreads smoothly on the surface making the paint a truly relaxing moment because we have in mind the anguish that would be […]


Chalk paint for furniture – Chalk Paint has meant a revolution in world of interior decoration and furniture restoration for thousands of DIY fans like you, if you’re reading this post is because it has piqued your curiosity. If you do not know, I’ll introduce: Chalk Paint is a decorative painting and super versatile chalk […]


You want Ralph Lauren paint colors, but instead of paying for a name-brand of paint you choose to have the appropriate computer paint chip. Although computers come very, very close, the paint you buy more like brown mustard. What can you do? Obviously you can go back to the store and buy another gallon of […]


Electroluminescent paint – Homeowners often spend several thousand dollars on their home interiors. They buy a luxury sofa, beautiful lighting fixtures and spend money to buy the original paintings. Unfortunately, they forgot the exterior of their home and it is where they go wrong. One of them is forgotten by painting. If you want to […]


Bunny face paint – Are you looking for a simple face painting designs for kids? As you may already know, the idea bunny face paint can vary from a complex design with lots of color and brush strokes sophisticated, with a style that is simple that you can easily paint – even with zero drawing […]


Acrylic painting for beginners – Learning is a process that never ends and error is the best steps to learn better. As a beginner in acrylic painting for beginners you will certainly make some common mistakes. This article will tell you about some of the common mistakes that as a beginner you can make. If […]


Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – Can we paint a kitchen without sanding furniture? Can I use chalk paint to do? Paint a kitchen without complicate life too. It is something that many people ask us. Can I use chalk paint for kitchens? And it took a lot of years watching kitchen always same and ask […]


Color changing car paint – Change the color of our car is fast becoming an increasingly frequent action. We can say that is a variant, or activity that starts from the tunning, if only focus on the color of our car. Matt or with reflections colors are those that are increasingly fashionable and that most […]


Citadel paints is helpful hobby and is very easy to get great results. Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures design their models with the help of powerful features and exaggerated to make their paintings easier and increase the drama of miniature finished. This brief article covers the basics of this hobby. Once you master the basics, […]