Paint Stencils for Furniture Living Room

Oct 17th

Paint stencils – Have you always longed for, a beautiful large area rug in your hard floor surfaces, but found the prices too cost prohibitive for a moment your budget? Create a “faux” (fake) carpet with paint stencils that you can be proud to display. It is not only easy, but fun.


Your first order of business is to determine the size of the carpet faux you want, the design of which will be used and the placement on the floor. Next, choose one or two paint stencils that can be combined (say a big leaf design center and wine may be) or if you are a more contemporary design lovers, you can just tape off geometric shapes to create your design.

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Type paint stencils is used and the surface preparation will depend entirely on the type of floor you are working with. It is best to consult your local paint shop for the right type of paint and sealers. Simply start by ensuring that the floor was squeaky clean, then footage of a square or rectangle on the floor in the size you want your finished rug to be. paint stencils the background color of your choice in a taped line and allow the paint to dry. Tape off a small square in the center of the design of your carpet and paint that area is different, but coordinating color to the background color used in its entirety.

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