Painted Rocks from Waterfall

Aug 10th

Painted rocks – Your waterfall where possible eliminated. Artificial waterfall rocks to paint the easiest, because you can control the flow of water. For a natural waterfall, lead water pipes with plastic or tarps. If the waterfall too big to manage, then you will need to remove the rocks of the waterfall. A rock at the same time removing and replacing the painted rock before moving on to the next slide.

Wonderful Painted Rocks
Wonderful Painted Rocks

Put on rubber gloves for painted rocks. Clean the rocks with a muriatic solution and a rag etching. This solution removes excess dirt and acid conditions also paint the stone surface. Prime rocks with masonry primer with an airless spray gun. Keeping the nozzle approximately one foot from the surface, and to move the atomizer. If you do not have a gun, does not brush, but Sprayers offer the best coverage on bumpy rock surfaces? Wait for the primer to dry.

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Painted rocks with General-Purpose exterior latex paint or elastomeric exterior latex paint. Algae need to cling to a porous surface as it grows, so a smooth rock building attracts fewer algae. Elastomeric paint less algae growth and filled divots for a smoother finish. If you want to preserve a natural, rough surface, General-Purpose exterior paint works well. Back on the water or the painted rocks back into the natural landscape after 24 hours.

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