Painting Furniture With Lacquer Paint



Lacquer Paint – This type of paint is considered one of the most luxurious and durable. It is very popular especially for painting furniture, doors, etc. His finish offers completely smooth and shiny surfaces like glass. You have to know very well use this type of paint because if it is not applied correctly can arise adhesion problems since several layers of different products are given. In the lacquer paint walls the preparation is essential and for this reason should performed a previous diagnosis of the walls (plaster shabby, cracks, etc.) to carry out repairs if necessary.

Once the preparation phase applies a sealant base petrified to harden the plaster we find applied. Get the brushstrokes are not noticed is virtually impossible and if the surface does not help their morphology, as in the case of your coat rack. It is best to spray painting and if you do not own one, then use a spray with the color you want and then apply varnish spray lacquer paint. Although it is well to need to know or learn to paint with spray rehearsing a little earlier on cardboard. If you dare to do it, you can read before some of our tips for spray – painting.

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