Painting with Puffy Paint

Beautiful Puffy Paint

Beautiful Puffy Paint

Puffy paint – When painting with puff paint, also called puffy paint on the canvas, the paint dries with a raised surface in three dimensions. This not only creates a design but adds a touch to his work texture. You can also use puff paints specialized in metal finishing and glitter. You can paint a design on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans or any type of clothing, or you can paint on canvas to be used for craft projects. Both children and adults can use these non-toxic paints for a variety of projects. Permanent paintings are not difficult to apply and dry quickly.

Cut a piece of cardboard to place at the bottom of the fabric. This is used to protect any of multiple layers of a garment or the work surface. For shirts and pants, cut a piece of cardboard and slide between layers to prevent soaking fresh puffy paint.

Draw the design on the fabric, if desired, using a fabric pencil. You can choose to make a design freehand using puffy paint, or you can transfer a design in advance on the fabric with fabric transfer paper. To draw an image transfer paper, face down the transfer paper onto the fabric and then the image is placed upright on top. Trace the design with a pencil and paper transfer will leave a mark on the fabric.

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