Really Wonderful Wine Glass Painting

Oct 7th

Wine glass painting – Since the glass is transparent, it is difficult sometimes see what we’re painting when we paint on glass. To see how you do, you can put a paper or white cloth under glass you paint.


Another problem when wine glass painting is that, just as is clear, sometimes the paint does not fully cover the space and are painted by sectors we see to the other side. To avoid this, you must give several hands to painting: leaves between 20 and 60 minutes before painting another layer you’ve done for the former dry. Before you start painting, make sure the paint is evenly mixed. Shake the container containing the paint to mix well. Also never try mixing paint with water glass, because this causes the weaker and paint does not adhere well to the glass surface. So you should make sure your brushes are completely dry before you start painting on glass.

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When you want to wash a hand – wine glass painting, wash gently without scrubbing. If you rub, you could damage the paint. You should wash with a soft cloth with delicate movements and painted it kept longer. Apply these tips to paint on glass and your windows will be beautiful when you paint. And if you still want to paint more, try this simple technique to paint flowers using plastic bottles.

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