Secret of Oil Painting Techniques



Oil painting techniques – There are several techniques for oil painting. Each has its own purpose and different result. Below is a brief summary of different techniques. Techniques where paint is made slowly and contains many layers of paint. These can take a long time to be completed. Techniques where painting is completed in one sitting and very quickly

Prepainted: This is one of oil painting techniques. In this technique, paint recessed some means, which may be turpentine; until color penetrates canvas is applied. In this technique, we apply fundamental tones until main forms which are later finished with glazes and opaque paint layers are defined. Large brushes can be used with this technique.

Crubbed: Among oil painting techniques, we also have scrubbing. Here idea is to apply a bit of Espeza color paint on a dry or almost dry layer of another color. This is done irregularly; with aim that bottom layer can be seen. In this technique brush is moved in a circular shape, but with stripes, spots, strokes, stippled can achieve same effect. For scoured can use any type of brush, placing canvas on a table and applied in brush perpendicular to canvas. Some use rags, and sometimes to toes, removing excess paint.

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