Steps by Steps of Sponge Painting

Aug 16th

Sponge painting – First, searching for inspiration. If our wall is ready to paint, any inequality in the filled and primed the whole, we can realize the long-planned decorative painting or search for inspiration. When we have a plan, it’s time for the completion of appropriate materials and objects.

Modern Sponge Painting
Modern Sponge Painting

Second, prepare for sponge painting. For this purpose, we’ll use masking films or special cardboard that does not penetrates as soon as nylon, when we move over the surface of the ladder. We also prepare 2 sea sponges (or more – with a different density), primer paint, decoration paint, litter box and water tank, cleaning material, latex gloves to protect your hands from getting dirty, roller or brush.

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Third, decorating a sponge painting roller Casoria. Effect that we can get with a sponge, rubbing the surface of freshly painted wall, which has not, had time to dry. In this case, we operate with a sponge submerged in water (and also the imprint) and gently scrub the outer layer of the paint coating. For ghosting, useful patience and lack of haste. In this case, just once painted the walls with paint, as long as the strength of its opacity does not allow us to break the color of plaster or strokes.

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