Face Painting Kits with Stencils

Face Painting Kits – Face painting is very common among children. They always want to get their faces painted whenever they saw a face painting booth. Face painting is a form of body painting. Therefore, some of the teens and parents also want to get their faces painted, especially around the theme of the party, […]


Bunny face paint – Are you looking for a simple face painting designs for kids? As you may already know, the idea bunny face paint can vary from a complex design with lots of color and brush strokes sophisticated, with a style that is simple that you can easily paint – even with zero drawing […]


Clown face paint – Clowns are offered in cultures worldwide. Define the behavior slapstick humor and comic with his silly antics. Their happy faces are their brand and designs can be simple or complex. Children enjoy their painted faces festivals and fairs. Some of the designs used by professional clowns can be processed on the […]


Dog face paint – How easy it is, you can choose from is the fact that so many different types of dogs. Most of the time, if you have a dog, and your child is close to him, it’s your dog, it is recommended that you bring the same varieties. When they love they look […]


Simple Tips On Face Painting For Kids – Face painting is a really fun activity for both children and adults. Whether it is to masked or just a fun day at home, so the kids will love these ideas at face painting for cats, dogs, butterflies and many other subjects! If you are concerned that […]


Glow in the dark face paint – You can use all light sources to ‘charge’ as long as we remember that the stronger the light source is, the stronger the paint glow in the dark and the longer you ‘charge’ the longer it will glow in the dark. This glow in the dark paint is […]

Camo Face Paint Gallery

Camo face paint – Camouflage face paint has its origin in the practical field use. Hiding recognizable features of a soldier’s face can be as useful as hide the shape of their body or arms. You may want to use camouflage face paint in non-military applications in everything from paintball on Halloween costumes. Assess the […]

Amazing Cheetah Face Paint

Cheetah face paint– Cover one side of the sponge brush in your yellow ocher face paint. Second, swirl your shadow brush into the white face paint and brush inch thick set white eyebrows over your or your subject’s eyebrows. Cover the entire upper lip area to the bottom of the nose with white face paint […]

Best Indian Face Paint

Indian Face Paint Ideas – Take some face painting and a friendly face and have fun exploring the different cultures of painting traditional designs. Native Americans, Aborigines and tribes in Africa, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have painted their faces and bodies to mark rites of passage, prepare for battle or wear other ceremonial […]

Amazing Sugar Skull Face Paint

Sugar skull face paint – You must apply white makeup to your face. Layer it on until you get the desired look. Create circles around your eyes to mimic the hollows of the eye sockets with a black eyeliner pencil. Use black eye shadow to go over it to keep it from wearing out or […]