Chalk paint for furniture – Chalk Paint has meant a revolution in world of interior decoration and furniture restoration for thousands of DIY fans like you, if you’re reading this post is because it has piqued your curiosity. If you do not know, I’ll introduce: Chalk Paint is a decorative painting and super versatile chalk […]


Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – Can we paint a kitchen without sanding furniture? Can I use chalk paint to do? Paint a kitchen without complicate life too. It is something that many people ask us. Can I use chalk paint for kitchens? And it took a lot of years watching kitchen always same and ask […]


Painting kitchen cabinets white – Today’s topic is about most current designs created by combining color kitchen white with wooden elements to achieve wonderful results, take ideas innovative technology, functionality and good taste of most modern and stunning designs for kitchens. We begin by introducing some of most popular materials for resistance and finishes. As […]

Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Kitchen cabinet paint – Homeowners who are thinking of replacing their kitchen cabinets can take advantage of painting them instead. A good coat of paint can give a kitchen a whole new look and is much cheaper than a new set of cabinets. However, could the wrong color blend into the walls, making the kitchen […]

Amazing Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Paint kitchen cabinets – First, remove the handle from the cabinet, unscrew any hinges and pull all the drawers. The doors and drawers are easier to paint if they are removed. Sand all cabinet surfaces with 220-grit aluminum oxide sandpaper. Existing cabinets often feature glossy paint and polyurethane finish. These smart surfaces do not accept new paint, unless […]

Awesome Chalk Painted Furniture

Chalk painted furniture – Painted furniture can begin to look unsightly due to everyday wear, resulting in the need to strip and refinish the piece.  Regardless, stripping paint from wood and lacquer furniture is a relatively easy project that requires a few simple supplies and a little patience. Strip and refinish chalk painted furniture, many […]

This year, why not paint painted pumpkins? A painted pumpkin will live longer and can even be repainted for use as a garnish. With a little imagination, pumpkin face painting will be a real family treats. Painted pumpkins has a little stand set up with a variety of fruits and vegetables for sale, along with […]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Ace Hardware

As we explored the idea of painting the furniture, we stumbled on Annie Sloan chalk paint and never looked back! What a delight to find and ventured into the world of the painted furniture. What makes it so wonderful to work with is that contrary to other paint, you can paint directly onto furniture without […]