Floor Paint and Sealer

Floor paint – There are several options if you want to apply garage floor care so that you can cover and protect your floor. Although applying acrylic coating garage floors can give you a great shine for a short time, it is really not durable enough to withstand vehicle traffic. Floor paint made to cover […]

Epoxy Floor Paint Basement

Epoxy floor paint-Decide if you want a contractor to complete your epoxy floor, or you feel that you are knowledgeable enough to complete the project itself. The process involves initially ensuring the concrete is ready for epoxy application. The concrete surface must be free of cracks and larger divots and try to remove oil or […]

Concrete Floor Paint Ace Hardware

There are several types to choose from concrete floor paint. You can find them in the latex, epoxy and alkyd basis with all the advantages that offer and cons. This paint will give the floor to the finish that makes the surface resistant to oil, grease or chemicals. Most of these provide a shiny paint, […]

Diy Rustoleum Countertop Paint

Rustoleum countertop paint – it is a high quality surface coating that can last for several years. It generally will not chip or peel even under fairly intense day-to-day friction. But like most other surface, it may start to look faded and stained over time. If you need to refinish one Rustoleum kitchen table, you […]