Textured Paint Art

Exterior textured paint for wall can be a challenge. Instead of a smooth and vertical surface, there are a lot of sloping surfaces which is large and small. Those will be a regular paint brush and roller skipped. To cover the full-textured walls, you need to use the right equipment for different panel technique. If […]

Best Way Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint – Eggshell paint has a smooth, high gloss finish, similar to the idea of a real egg. With durability and light-reflective qualities, you can use eggshell paint on walls or trim, but it is also useful to renovate the old wooden furniture. Don just buy the first paint, you come across, because the […]

Faux Painting Backsplash

Faux painting – Decorating a kitchen can be a very expensive project as the typical cuisine have many surfaces to consider. Some of the most deluxe materials used in kitchen design, such as marble, granite and limestone, is impractical choice for all but the most lavish budgets. Color washing, apply paint or glaze with a […]

Color Changing Paint

Color changing paint – Paint, that change color at different temperatures is known as thermo chromic paint. Color change is composite structure of pigments within paint molecules responding to increased temperature, which means that paint, absorb or reflect light in different ways. With most pigments, this occurs color change at temperatures above 81 u00BA F […]

Buffet General Finishes Milk Paint

General finishes milk paint – Painting milk or milk paint is an environmentally friendly paint made from natural products, in fact this kind of paint was used by American colonists to paint their houses taking advantage of milk that gave them cows they had in their stables. General finishes milk paint shares many characteristics with […]

Diy Enamel Paint Jar

Enamel paint – is oil-based gloss paint that is used in both residential -and commercial properties. This type of paint is washable, durable and dries to a hard, smooth finish. Paint enamel can be applied with a brush or a commercial machine, and can be found in major home improvement stores, along with acrylic paint […]

Amazing Annie Sloan Paint

Annie Sloan paint – First, Annie Sloan Paint of chalkmanuals very important to degrease the surface well. We encourage you to do that with St Marc. ST Marc Express liquid cleaner on the basis of pine resins and saponified oil. For cleaning of metal, wood, paint, tiles, plastics etc. The hot water also suitable for […]

Amazing Tempera Paint

Tempera paint – Tempera paint is a non-toxic, earth friendly paints many artists use as a medium. Tempera blends natural pigment powder with oil, water and egg yolk to create a flexible paint. You can use tempera as a watercolor; it gives the effect of an oil paint without harmful ingredients. Since tempera not contain […]

Epoxy Paint Automotive

Epoxy paint on the floor of the garage is a great way to protect it. This is probably the most common finish people apply for their concrete floors. There is a lot of work involved in doing this work although it certainly can be done in a weekend by most do it yourselfers. You can […]

Annie Chalk Paint Colors

Chalk paint colors – You have to chalk color is quite easy. You obviously chalk. You can select a color, for example, to achieve a dip effect, but also with lots of bright colors crayon coloring hair. Chalk temporarily left sitting in the hair, and after a few times to wash the hair disappears from […]