Dry Paint Brush Method

Paint brush – if you’re going to paint a room but you want to create a modern environment with paint original walls, you can make a decorative patina, paint a mural or implement some of these ideas we will see below. With them you will achieve a modern and will make a decoration on the […]

Paint Scraper Vacuum Attachment

Paint Scraper – There are a large variety of tools in the market for professional painters and DIY decoration. Making a quick and easy task can help you achieve the best finish. Almost all the painting supplies are very cheap, and represent great value for money – especially compared with the cost of doing decoration […]

Awesome Painting Easel

How To Convert A Tripod In A Painting Easel – A painter easel is a wooden structure that has three legs to support themselves and a place where a cloth or other material can be placed, allowing the artist to work. It’s the same look as a photo frame. Many artists take pictures of scenes […]

Painting With Sharpie Paint Pens – Using a Sharpie paint pen to create art gives you superior handling of a pen with the effect of color on the paper. The color of the paint pen is oil-based colors and fabrics and surfaces, but the color will not bleed through paper or run away because it […]

Paint Remover Alternatives

Paint remover dangerous to the health of the workers who use them, especially for those who use it continuously. They usually contain high levels of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and volatile organic compounds (VOC), which make a person dizzy and nauseous when inhaled. On paint remover contains HAP and VOC have been known to cause […]

Best of Paint Brush

Paint brushes – Many think hardly the brush they take in hand before a painting job. It is often seen as a one-off tool, a must to get the color of the wall or other surface. Nothing could be more wrong. A brush is the most important tool that the painter has, and will determine […]

Auto Paint Pens

Paint pens – The most surprising thing to me is that it, when you do your work, not copy, as is usual in this line of artistic expression, in any photograph or drawing, but his mind is taking the images of that incredible art. Calligraphy, ancient art of creating letters, can be done with several […]

Paint Stripper and Drink

Paint stripper – Almost everyone will agree that the painting is the best way to add life to furniture or other items, they need to restore. They also agree with the fact that the painting of this item requires a lot of preparation, which basically includes stripping the paint. This is not an easy task […]

Bed Liner Paint Black

Bed liner paint – bed liners are an effective way to protect the bed of a pickup truck scratches, bumps and scratches that can be caused by transport elements to the rear of the vehicle. Although some microphones come from the factory equipped with a bed liner, many homeowners facing the challenge of protecting their […]

Paint Brush Cover Plastic

Paint brush cover – What is best way to clean a paint brush? I have a project coming in that have to apply several coats. I would like to reuse a roll of good quality. Remove cover frame brush cover immediately after use. Do not let paint remaining in paint brush begins to dry. Clean […]