How To Use A Car Spray Paint



How To Use A Car Spray Paint – Apply the new color for your car? Use a car spray paint. But before you start spraying, do not forget to cover with plastic. As far as possible, cover exposed skin. Better yet, wear a suit that covers the entire body that is made specifically for spray painting. And protect you from smoke and bits of color, not only with a gas mask thin fabric, but also with a respirator. And “bad enough to breathe in fumes from fresh paint, and breathe in the color itself is even worse. When you spray, making only single layers or thin. It is better to thicken the coat groped fixing paint drips.

To reach the end you really want for your car, make sure you know how to use a car spray paint. Here are instructions on how to use a: Knowing knobs and buttons and purpose of each. Familiarize yourself with the button on and off, spray and evacuation button and knob to adjust the pressure. When you know who is doing what, you can start using the machine spray paint. Fill a bucket with color. Then place the tip of the jet machine in the bucket. Get your pipe out of the evacuation Paint Bucket. Aim for the floor or ground. Remember not to direct the tube towards anyone. Hit the switch and set the button to prime. Increase the pressure by turning the dial down. You will see the water and the paint comes out of prime tube. Wait until only the pure color comes out well, and then everything is clear.

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Turn the button of car spray paint to spray. Reduce the wheel pressure just make sure you have enough for the spray gun. If you want to use the gun, squeeze the handle. Make sure you do not tip the gun at anyone. If the spray gun is clogged, turn the nozzle hundred and eighty degrees. Clamping handle, this will lock the gun. Then turn back the tip of the gun one hundred and eighty degrees and squeeze the handle so that you can continue to spray. Do not point the gun in someone’s face or skin. Treat like a real gun, dangerous. When the gun is turned on, the color travels at a very high speed that can penetrate the skin and enter your bloodstream is bad for your body. In this case, proceed to the nearest hospital as soon as possible to get professional treatment.

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