Use a Paint Edger Pad

Paint Edger Attachment

Paint Edger Attachment

Paint edger-Trim is usually the most challenging and tedious part of painting a room by yourself. This is where the color edge of the plate comes in. It allows you to track trim your walls more neatly and quickly than if you just used a brush

Tape off the areas of the wall that you do not want to paint mess. Although the paint edger is less likely to paint the areas you want to avoid, it is not perfect, so take this preventive measure. Dip the paint edge cushion in your paint tray, just pad the edge is covered with paint. Scrape off the excess on the side of the ink fountain. Place paint edger to trim or ceiling with the small rotating wheel towards the area you want to avoid painting. Shoot paint edger over the wall, using the wheels to propel you. Apply color to your border when it runs dry. Make sure to keep only a small amount of paint on the edger. Too much paint will create a thick coat, and if it dries before the main part of the wall, there may be a variety of color around the trim that is thicker than the rest of the wall. Rinse the pillow off when you have finished your painting for the day. You may want to use a thinner like turpentine to clean pillow.

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